Limited edition


Limited to only 300 pieces worldwide, the FN15 AR is based on Takamine’s revered Natural Series and combines a solid cedar top and spectacular Amazon rosewood back and sides for a powerfully musical combination.

Based on the design of Takamine's revered Natural Series, the FN15 AR combines a solid cedar top and spectacular Amazon rosewood back and sides for a powerfully musical combination.

This guitar, limited to 300 pieces worldwide, features a newly-designed rosette pattern and a smooth satin finish, much like the original Natural Series offered. Ease of amplification is achieved with the retro-inspired CTF-2N preamp that includes 2-band EQ, notch filter, and built-in tuner.

Solid cedar top with a natural satin finish

The FN15 AR acoustic-electric guitar embodies Takamine’s dedication to quality craftsmanship, uncompromising sound, and striking appearance. The guitar’s solid cedar top with natural satin finish and dreadnought body shape forms a unique mix of bold acoustic tone

Amazon rosewood back and sides

The FN15 AR features spectacular and exotic Amazon rosewood. This highly sought-after material is known by luthiers for its rich and dense tone with exceptional clarity.

When paired with the FN15AR’s solid cedar top, you’ll experience a powerfully musical combination; low-end authenticity at its finest with balanced, crisp sustain on the mid and high ends. The boost in tone is further supported by X-class bracing within, ensuring ample projection and authority.

CTF-2N preamp with 2-band EQ, notch filter & tuner

For the FN15 AR’s electronics, we return to our early roots with the new CTF-2N preamplifier which revives the sound of our early FET preamp model, affectionately known as the “Brownie”. The CTF-2N has that legendary sound, while adding the more modern functions of easy battery access, a chromatic tuner, and a notch filter.

Only 300 available worldwide

Hand-crafted in Takamine’s custom facility in the Japanese Alps, the FN15 AR is manufactured in limited numbers with 300 pieces available worldwide.

Dreadnought body

Although the dreadnought guitar shape has roots in the early 1900s, well before Takamine's inception in 1962, it's been integral to Takamine’s tradition. Representing the iconic image of an acoustic guitar, Takamine has been crafting esteemed dreadnought guitars for over 55 years.

Originally, "dreadnought" described a British battleship, symbolising fearlessness and robustness—a fitting parallel for a guitar renowned for its powerful acoustic presence.

The dreadnought is second in size only to Takamine’s jumbo shape and shares dimensions with the NEX shape. However, it distinguishes itself sonically, offering a unique percussive element, delivering a kick drum-like resonance unparalleled by other shapes. This distinct feature has earned its popularity amongst diverse genres and artists like Bruce Springsteen and Bruno Mars, who favour the Takamine dreadnought for its dynamic and versatile appeal.

Takamine's dreadnought guitars harmoniously blend power and versatility, appealing to musicians across the musical spectrum.

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The FN15-AR is available only through select Takamine retailers. Be sure to call ahead to avoid disappointment.