Limited edition

LTD2023 Santa Fe

After three decades since the birth of the ground-breaking Santa Fe model, the LTD2023 is a masterpiece that perfectly honours the traditional craftsmanship of the past while incorporating the latest technological advancements.

This exclusive NEX-sized cutaway showcases a solid cedar top and striking silky oak back and sides. The ebony fingerboard, with a turquoise inlaid Santa Fe motif, and intricate southwestern style turquoise rosette, are eye-catching.

Turquoise purfling and logo on the headstock complete the unique features. Honouring original models, it sports a pinless split-saddle bridge. It’s beautifully amplified via Takamine's Palathetic pickup and CTF-2N preamp. It includes a themed strap and semi-hard case.

Honouring 30 years of Santa Fe

Back in 1993, we released a very special new model – the limited edition ESF-93. Honouring the vibrant art and culture of the American Southwest, it helped launch one of our most beloved series of all time, the Santa Fe Series. Our LTD2023 celebrates the Santa Fe Series, 30 years after its introduction. Like the original model, the LTD2023 features an NEX-sized body, a more compact and comfortable version of the classic jumbo guitar body. 

Dazzling turquoise fingerboard inlays adorn the ebony fingerboard and turquoise visuals can also be found on the rosette and purfling, with a blue-tinted headstock logo continuing the aesthetic theme.

A natural gloss finish helps to highlight the intricacies of the rosette, which specifically pays tribute to the flagship ESF-93 – a model that featured a similarly styled, ahead-of-its-time soundhole design. Elsewhere, the guitar comes equipped with a mahogany neck, an ebony fingerboard, gold tuners with amber buttons.

Ebony fingerboard

The LTD2023 features an exquisite, smooth ebony fingerboard with spectacular turquoise inlays.These motifs pay homage to the original ESF-93 and feature ‘Cross Arrows’ and ‘Broken Arrows’ designs, conveying friendship and peace.

Solid cedar top

The NEX-sized body features a solid cedar top paired with beautifully figured silky oak back and sides and has a warm, open sound with beautiful overtones.

Commemorative strap and semi-hard case

The guitar comes in Takamine's new ultra-light semi-hard case and includes a special Takamine Santa Fe-inspired guitar strap.

CTF-2N preamp

For the LTD2023’s electronics, we return to our early roots with the new CTF-2N preamplifier which revives the sound of our early FET preamp model, affectionately known as the “Brownie”. The CTF-2N has that legendary sound, while adding the more modern functions of easy battery access, a chromatic tuner, and a notch filter.

NEX cutaway

The NEX shape addresses the challenges of traditional guitar shapes. While the renowned dreadnought shape offers a booming percussive tone, it can be cumbersome to some when seated. Similarly, the jumbo excels in resilience to hard strumming but can feel overwhelmingly large. The NEX combines the robustness of a jumbo with the manageability of a dreadnought. Its slender waist ensures comfort when played seated, maintaining the iconic vibe of a jumbo shape.

 Tonally, the NEX delivers a polished, potent sound with less percussion, making it suitable for fingerstyle players. It offers a modern sound that pairs well with vocals, proving ideal for bands or solo singer-songwriters, blending traditional aesthetics with contemporary sonic qualities.

The NEX shape by Takamine reflects a fusion of comfort, classic aesthetics, and contemporary sound, presenting a versatile choice for enthusiasts seeking a unique acoustic experience.

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The LTD2023 is available only through select Takamine retailers. Be sure to call ahead to avoid disappointment.